The logo is the prop­er­ty of the O’BRAIN Lab. Please send us a mail if you need it in high qual­i­ty. We are grate­ful to all the peo­ple who con­tribute their works on We used the fol­low­ing The Noun Project icons on our website:

Title Cre­ator
Tomography LAFS, RU
Eye Track­ing David Car­rero, ES
Online Sur­vey Thomas Mar­i­jnis­sen, DK
Smell Francesco Terzi­ni, IT
Taste Francesco Terzi­ni, IT
Hand Christop­er
Heart Beat Bhu­van


We want to thank the peo­ple behind the Word­Press Mul­ti­lin­gual Plu­g­in WPML for sup­port­ing us.


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