Lin­da Grasser

Linda Grasser

MD can­di­date

Max Planck Insti­tute for Human Cog­ni­tive & Brain Sciences
Stephanstraße 1A
04103 Leipzig

After study­ing med­i­cine Lin­da start­ed to work on her the­sis in the O’Brain Lab.
In a shared project with Math­is Lam­mert she inves­ti­gates the diverse ther­a­py out­come in patients after Bariatric surgery. The aim is to con­nect meta­bol­ic, psy­choso­cial and neu­rocog­ni­tive mod­els of adiposity.

2016— Med­ical doc­tor­ate Can­di­date, IFB Adi­pos­i­ty­Dis­eases, Leipzig Uni­ver­si­ty – Med­ical Cen­ter, and guest researcher at the Max Planck Insti­tute for Human Cog­ni­tive and Brain Sci­ences, Junior Research Group “Deci­sion-mak­ing in Obe­si­ty” (Dr. Annette Horstmann) and “Endocrinol­o­gy of Obe­si­ty” (PD Dr. Wiebke Fenske).
2010–2016 Stu­dent (Med­i­cine) in Jena and Prague