We have code

In our 2016 Fron­tiers in Genet­ics paper on the fast and effi­cient mul­ti­vari­ate analy­sis of high-dimen­sion­al data we pro­vid­ed a link to share soft­ware code, sam­ple input data and com­plete doc­u­men­ta­tion. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the web­site no longer exists but we have moved the code (and exam­ple data) to github. Hap­py analy­ses...

Fragebogen zu deutschen Lebensmitteln

Keks und Kohlroulade? Schnitzel und Schokokuss? Was sind typ­isch deutsche Lebens­mit­tel und wie gern wer­den sie gegessen? Unsere Kol­legIn­nen vom HI-MAG wollen es her­aus­find­en und haben einen Frage­bo­gen ent­wor­fen. Eure Antworten wären ein super Wei­h­nachts­geschenk!

Delay to replication study

Dur­ing March we had the great news that the Dutch Research Coun­cil would fund an inter­na­tion­al repli­ca­tion study. Giv­en the cur­rent Covid-19 pan­dem­ic and the dis­rup­tion expe­ri­enced all over the world, a new start date has been set. We are hop­ing to start set­ting up from 1st Jan­u­ary 2021, with...

Testing resumes in Leipzig

After months of lock­down and social dis­tanc­ing the team in Leipzig is back at the MPI and test­ing. An exten­sive cat­aloque of hygiene mea­sures has been devel­oped to pro­tect both par­tic­i­pants and staff dur­ing exper­i­ments. Whilst not all meth­ods can be used yet, the O’BRAIN Lab has already test­ed a...

Last call for study participation (in German only)

Until the end of Novem­ber we are look­ing for the last male vol­un­teers (Ger­man only) to com­plete our study on the influ­ence of fat and sug­ar on the brain. Help sci­ence and get in touch with us via 0341–9940 2629 or We are look­ing for­ward to wel­com­ing you!   

2 Successful Bids

Our med­ical PhD stu­dents Franziska and Nora man­aged to secure junior research grants from the IFB Adi­pos­i­ty Dis­eases. Franzi now has fur­ther fund­ing until April 2020 to inves­ti­gate the influ­ence of diet on the (epi)genetic sta­tus of the dopamin­er­gic sys­tem and how this could affect neu­rocog­ni­tive func­tion. Nora will con­tin­ue...

Launch of the IFB Junior Research Group

We’re hap­py to announce the launch of the IFB Junior Research Group “Deci­sion-mak­ing in Obe­si­ty: Neu­ro­bi­ol­o­gy, Behav­ior, and Plas­tic­i­ty” head­ed by Dr Annette Horstmann. The sci­en­tists in this field of “neu­ro­bi­ol­o­gy and deci­sion-mak­ing in obe­si­ty” try to find out how unfa­vor­able eat­ing habits in over­weight peo­ple are devel­op­ing, and how...

CRC Launch

Launch of the CRC 1052 (Col­lab­o­ra­tive Research Cen­tre) “Obe­si­ty Mech­a­nisms” with the Project A5 “Neu­rocog­ni­tive Mod­els of Behav­ioral Con­trol in Obe­si­ty” head­ed by Dr Annette Horstmann and Dr Jane Neu­mann